Leadership Required

One If By Land, Two If By Sea: Using Dashboards To Revolutionize Your Marketing

Let’s do a quick roll call. How many people here have either been a part of a dashboard creation project and/or led one, and had the privy to see it all the way through creation to its big unveiling? Then, after you finally arrived on the big day to show off your mad scientist creation to the leadership team, finally… Read more →

Batman - Change Agent

Disruptive Leadership: Become A Leader & Shake Up The Status Quo

In my days, I was raised to believe that leaders were wise, brave and faithful. They didn’t lie, cheat, steal or ever abandon their group. Similar to any militant leader, they would lead their group into the unknown, through any environment or situation, and in the end, take responsibility for their actions. And it was being in that role, serving… Read more →

Social Networking

Marketers: The Customer Funnel Needs To Evolve

So, where would you go from here, the funnel and the customer journey, however you deem the name, is not going away. All the models that exist are useful, and will continue to grow and help with a great amount of context for marketers. However, the world today requires a new direction that can support and enable a changing landscape. We need to refocus our efforts to look at how we enable and empower consumers with the funnel, not just relying on persuasion tactics and dull promotions.

And in whatever direction you go, and model you choose, focus on the many dimensions of social influence, the numerous directions in a path to purchase, the true role of advocates who aren’t just your customers, and a shift in focus from individual transactions to an ongoing relationship. Read more →

Airbnb Logo

Who Cares What It Looks Like, The New Airbnb Logo Is Pretty Damn Good

When a Nellie Bowles sat down next to Airbnb co-founder and CTO Nathan Blecharczyk at the Verdi Club in Potrero Hill in San Francisco, guests included long time hosts and employees, they gathered to celebrate the quietly, long-awaited corporate logo update.   “It’s just like: Go ahead, laugh all you want, guys,” he said. “We wouldn’t want to design a… Read more →

CRM Strategy

How To Build A CRM Strategy in 2014

A question came up recently in a phone conversation I had about CRM (customer relationship management), it made me think back to many years ago when you saw the sorry state of CRM implementations. I recall a Gartner research report from a distant memory, aka 2001, that labeled 50% of CRM programs as failing to meet expectations. Along with the… Read more →

Orginal Ideas

What Is Original: When Copying is Flattery, Thievery & Sheer Genius

“Good artists copy, great artists steal”- ~ Pablo Picasso You might read this and think how and why would such a talented artist exclaim such a preposterous thing. In theory, Picasso is saying that the everyday artist is influenced by what was laid before them in time by other thoughts and ideas. If not by direct exposure, the information the… Read more →

Data Storytelling

Data Storytelling – 6 Pillars to Organize Your Analytical Approach

In order to bridge the gap between data and decisions, it’s important to support your marketing intelligence with a sound framework that can help drive trends and insights that make a difference. Whether it’s too little data or too much data, marketers are frequently trapped in confusion when it comes to learning the performance of their actions. An analysis tends… Read more →

Airbnb Meals

Airbnb’s Home Dining Experiment: Turning Dining Rooms Into Restaurants

It was said it might be a “fad” when Brian Chesky took a risk and started a little company called Airbnb. Well, just last week, they eclipsed a total of 15 million guests served worldwide; and while it took nearly four years to get their first million, they now process one million guests every month according to their CEO, Brian… Read more →

Be Happy

Enough is Enough | When Is It Time To Walk Away From A Job

I am not the type of person to give up easily, and if you are reading this, you are probably not either. You are likely ambitious, skilled and continue to push forward regardless of any obstacles that might ever stand in your way. And that drive, that emotion, it’s what makes you successful. But while ambition will always steer you,… Read more →

World Cup 2014

2014 World Cup to Break Social Media Records

With World Cup fever sweeping the world, and the first match just hours away from starting, the globe will come together in unity and create the most social – digital event in human history. This event of infamous global pride will be supported by social media and millions of young fans, see this displayed in an infographic here:   Worldwide,… Read more →